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Tatua Tatizo la Ajira kwa uwekezaji wa 30,000/= kwa kutumia Nanofilter


Tutatue Matatizo haya Kwa Pamoja:::Flouride/Typhoid/Amoeba/Kemikali zenye madhara Mwilini

Je,Umewahi kuwaza kuwa miongoni mwa wanaotatua Matatizo Haya?
---Typhoid/Amoeba ---Flouride  ---Kemikali zenye madhara mwilini? Kama Ndivyo Ungana nasi kwakutumia Mtambo wa Nanofilter Tz ambao huchuja maji na kuondoa flouride pamoja na Bacteria wanaosababisha Typhoid/Amoeba lakin pia Kemikali zenye Madhara...Hapohapo unanufaika kwa kujitengenezea kipato.
Ramani ya dunia ikionesha maeneo yenye Flouride.
Tumia mtambo wa Nanofilter sasa...Okoa Jamii Yetu.......

What Flouride Does into your Body!!!Stop Flouride by Using Nanofilter!!!

Excessive fluoride has been linked to stained and mottled teeth along with a variety of chronic and acute health issues. Let’s find out more about this possibly harmful soluble salt.
What is Fluoride?
There are two types of fluoride: calcium fluoride and sodium fluoride. When taken in excess, both types can be harmful to health. Calcium fluoride is found naturally in underground waters sources. In sufficient concentrations, it can actually weaken bones and teeth rather than protecting them. However, it is less toxic and damaging to health than its counterpart.
Sodium fluoride is much more insidious. Created as a synthetic waste byproduct from the fertilizer, aluminum and nuclear industries, this type of fluoride is added to many public water supplies. Already laden with lead, aluminum and cadmium, sodium fluoride has the ability to combine with other toxic materials and increase their potency. Far from healthy, the side effects of taking fluoride may have far-reaching negati…

Tunatatua tatizo la Ajira.....Tuunge Mkono.....Kuwa Wakala Sasa...Okoa Maisha kwa Kutumia Nanofilter